Monday, April 29, 2013

Grand Prix Tennis Finals

April 14, 2013

It was a beautiful day for tennis in Casablanca- South Africa vs. Spain for the finals. It was definitely not the US open and the setting of Morocco for tennis is a bit odd, but it was fun. I attended with a few Moroccan couchsurfers and a visitor from Spain, Javier, who was also the photographer for the event. His job consists of following around all the professional tennis matches in Europe, London, and abroad. What an amazing job. While I love photography and I also have a passion for tennis-I could only imagine how incredible it actually is to to make that a profession. He appeared to be very happy with his job an life in general. It was a pleasure meeting him and discussing with another friend about Tangier and the hott mess Casablanca. 
With Javier being from Spain, we were cheering on the Spanish guy. At first, he was warming up, but the second set he made a grand comeback. The winner is unknown because we left a bit early. Usually, I would never leave a match early, but this was not the greatest tennis final.  It was an average final on a Sunday funday.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Does this Exist in Morocco?

Mazagan Beach Resort

While I have heard about the Mazagan, had people "talk" about going with me, I finally went for a visit on Sunday with my American friend. Being a luxury hotel lover and snob(Four Seasons, the Ritz, the Sofitel, the St Regis-the list goes on), I would make sure to give a true assessment of it all.
Overall, it met my expectations with the highlights being the restaurants, the beach, and the staff service. They are quite attentive, friendly, and they actually listen, which can be difficult to come by in Morocco(even upscale restaurants and hotels).  While there are some parts I did not see, it seems they are doing a pretty good job over there therefore they get my stamp of approval and I will definitely go back. Highlights of the Day: the restaurant, the pool, dancing with the Moroccans, slot machines in the casino with the Koreans, the beach and sunset=) 

At the pool sipping on A Virgin Wolf-where there is a nice hotel there is lychee puree;)
The pool and the Oasis
Joined a random staff party inside the restaurant-dancing around and lots of big Moroccan smiles
The Beach sand that Neverends-Beautiful
Gotta love the jumping photos 
 Cute, pebblestone path to the beach
The Golf course
 The Spa
Sel del Mar-the Best Fish everrrr
Dessert in a photo frame-I like this idea
 Yum I think I should really marry a chef..
Goodbye sun and hello SKY